Welcome to ArcturusHD: a brief introduction to Energy Consulting

Is your home doing its job?

Is it comfortable?  Healthy? Affordable?

Or, is it hard to keep the right temperature?  Do you notice moisture or unpleasant smells? Does anyone in your home have asthma or allergies that are worse when they spend time indoors?  Do you get a knot in your stomach when you open your Gas & Electric bills?

Homes are complicated systems, but in most cases, they can be made more comfortable, healthier, safer and more affordable with reasonable upfront investments.  ArcturusHD can assess your needs and your home, help you form a plan to improve it, find rebates and tax incentives to help defray costs, and make sure the work is done properly.  We’re here to represent you in the retrofitting process.  E-mail or call and see what we can do for you.

ArcturusHD, LLC | jeff@arcturusHD.com | (650) 575-4238

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